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Empyrean Aircraft

Consulting Ltd

19th Floor, Crowne Plaza

Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +44 (0)78 8071 7362

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Empyrean specialises in executive aviation brokering and consulting services.

Empyrean Aircraft Consulting Ltd was formed in 2002. The company operates in a high value asset environment providing expertise in aircraft asset management, aircraft appraisal, services related to the acquisition and disposal of business aircraft and comprehensive business aviation advice.

Since the company’s inception, it has provided services to Heads of State, aircraft owners and operators, financiers of business aircraft, FBOs, government agencies and the legal profession.


In the business aviation marketplace, it is imperative for the customer to receive services from a company that is proud of its integrity and is independent.

The cornerstones of Empyrean's operation are the ethics afforded to its customers. The company has access to a comprehensive network of associates offering a wide range of services throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States.