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Empyrean Aircraft

Consulting Ltd

19th Floor, Crowne Plaza

Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +44 (0)78 8071 7362

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Buying an aircraft is not a straightforward process. It is not simply a matter of choosing the right aircraft as there are registration, legal, financial and operational aspects that all impinge upon your purchase decisions.

This is where Empyrean strives to make the difference and where we show you that our customers are of prime importance. Empyrean is the facilitator, the central cog that makes the wheels of the transaction turn smoothly.

Whether involved in the aircraft selection process or the financing, operational or financial aspects of your transaction, Empyrean will formulate the most effective strategy to suit your needs.

These many facets require an intense knowledge of both the marketplace and its myriad of choices. Empyrean has up to date knowledge of market activity that enables it to source aircraft that are also “off market”. This creates a greater scope of opportunities allowing customers the benefit of inside knowledge. Empyrean has bought aircraft for high profile clients in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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